Saturday, January 21, 2012

Again & Again & Again & Again

When hubs and I moved back to Dallas, We went on a massive furniture hunt.  Living in 675 sq ft on the East Bay of San Francisco required (and afforded us)  little to no furniture.  So, one day I wandered upon this pink house on Henderson and Bonita called Again & Again with wonderful and gently used pieces for sale.  I was in heaven.   It was a furniture junkie paradise.  And Leslie Pritchard, the owner, was someone I immediately gravitated and warmed up to.  She just got it...and not only with furniture. 

On my first visit, I asked for a job.  I've never been that upfront.  But I loved this place.  And I felt strangely at home.  So, over a year, Leslie, David (Daveeeeed - the furniture painting aficionado) and I were cozied up in this house selling wonderful pieces of furniture -  re-painting, and re-upholstering it along the way.  Surprise.....I was pregnant with Henry.  I got big.  Then bigger (special thanks to David who brought in pina colada flavored ice cream bars!).  Then WAY too big to be lifting furniture and easing my way through the pink house.  3 weeks to my due date, I had to leave.  I missed it terribly, but brought Henry in from time to time to get my "fix".  ;)

Fast forward almost 5 years, another baby (a girl this time) and Ms. Leslie Pritchard is on FIRE.  I mean it.  Not only is the pink house still rockin, but she now has a new warehouse in the Dallas Design district.  Back then, we would pinch ourselves when big Dallas designers would come into the pink house all hush hush about what they were buying.  Now, they are regulars at her AMAZING collection on Howell Street.  Annabel and I went in there today to visit Leslie.  Annabel kept pointing to everything in the warehouse saying "that!!"....meaning she wants "THAT".  I couldn't have agreed more.  So proud of and amazed by Leslie and all that she has accomplished.

Some of the many fab items in her store:

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  1. I didn't realize that was where you worked. I've been in there a few times, but didn't know there was a new, larger location. Fun! Love those Chippendale chairs!