Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hall Tree Paiting

Remember this find from Craiglist?   Well, Henry and I painted it.  3 Cans of Rustoleum White Laquer, and we were in business.  Not sure who had more fun, me or Henry.  :)

All taped up and ready to go

So excited to use spray paint, and kept telling me that I HAD to use my thumb or it would hurt ;)
Notice the THUMB :)
just about done
This picture = more seating at my dining table
And a place for muddy shoes too!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Furniture That Needs a Home

I'm not a furniture shop owner.  Nor do I plan to go into the furniture business.  However, occasionally I find items that need to be re-"loved".  And what better than to pass them along to homes that might need a little accent here and there.  Here are a few things I have for sale. 

FOR SALE - Baroque Style Mirror 
Paint it white and put it in your little girls room! $50

FOR SALE - 2 Brass petite side chairs - $50 each

The Very same chairs on

FOR SALE - Rattan Foot Stool. Spray it a brigt color and have it upholstered - $25

A little Inspiration

FOR SALE - Vintage Thomasville Bamboo Chair from 1973 - Paint and use as a desk chair - $75

Beuge black turquoise blue home office chic coastal style with wooden blinfs and bamboo art

Friday, February 24, 2012

Can I get away with this?

How do I wish this rug came in a larger size.  I'm on the fence.  Layering rugs?  We put throw rugs on top of carpet......why not on top of other rugs?  Hmmmm.  Cool or ridiculous looking? 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vintage Hall Tree

It's that time of year.....the piling of the coats, school bags, diaper bags & purses on every chair in the house. This looking familiar to anyone?

It would be a DREAM to have something like this in my house....with everything perfectly in order, bags and coats all in their correct "cubby" in the right drawers........always having an answer to the question "MOMMY, where are my shoes??".  Maybe one day.......

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

But, for now, I'm excited about this vintage hall tree found on Craigslist yesterday. I'm not the biggest fan of hall trees.   But this one, with the sunburst mirror on top caught my attention immediately. He definitely needs a coat of white lacquer.

Have tried to research this piece and am coming to the conclusion that it's an antique Victorian. Love the curved lines!! He's going to sit in my stained glass foyer. :)

LOVE the metal boot pan, and umbrella stand. Will post pics of the painted hoping to get to it tonight when little ones are alseep :).

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hanging Chairs

I love these.  And I get tickled thinking about what my hubs would say if I hung one in our house, and what my son would do if I hung one in the house. neat would one of these be??! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Situation, but this one has Milos :)

This is my desk area. Can't believe I'm sharing the mess that it is. It is constantly covered in everything from paint and fabric samples, to kids birthday invitations and glue guns. This entire area makes my head spin.....i have to get this in order.  BUT......I have a much more fun project in mind......and it includes the orange and brass cantilevered Milo Baughman arm chairs that came with the matching table you see covered in my mess.

Oh help me
I use a copy of Elle Decor as a mouse pad. 
Here are the favorite things i've purchased on Craigslist to date....and the best part that all three items were together under $100

Here are the same chairs (in better shape and recovered) listed on Cain Modern for the bargain price of $2100 a chair

Unusual Brass Armchairs by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin

Did a little happy dance when i saw this on the bottom of my chairs

So, I need fabric for these and it has to be UNREAL but can't be forcing me to eat Ramen Noodles and PB&J's for the next few months..........Faux fur?  Cowhide?  Mohair?  oh my.