Saturday, February 25, 2012

Furniture That Needs a Home

I'm not a furniture shop owner.  Nor do I plan to go into the furniture business.  However, occasionally I find items that need to be re-"loved".  And what better than to pass them along to homes that might need a little accent here and there.  Here are a few things I have for sale. 

FOR SALE - Baroque Style Mirror 
Paint it white and put it in your little girls room! $50

FOR SALE - 2 Brass petite side chairs - $50 each

The Very same chairs on

FOR SALE - Rattan Foot Stool. Spray it a brigt color and have it upholstered - $25

A little Inspiration

FOR SALE - Vintage Thomasville Bamboo Chair from 1973 - Paint and use as a desk chair - $75

Beuge black turquoise blue home office chic coastal style with wooden blinfs and bamboo art

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