Sunday, January 15, 2012


Just got back from a very quick and disappointing trip to New Orleans.  Rarely will you ever hear anyone say disappointing when describing a trip there, but we were cheering on the LSU Tigers at the BCS National Championship.  If you follow football, you know why we were less than happy! ;).  While there, the hubs and I walked past Restaurant AUGUST.  A few years ago, we ate dinner there while in town for a family member's wedding.  I wanted to visit that place because of the amazing chandeliers.   Yes, the food by John Besh was spectacular, but the chandeliers are what really stuck out to me.  As soon as we walked in, hubs rolled his eyes with a smile as he knew my drooling would begin;)
This picture does not do these antique beauties justice.  At night, the lights are dimmed way down and these girls are lit and sparkly.  Not pictured is the exposed brick wall......along with the tall windows and thick moldings, this place is quintessential New Orleans.  

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