Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Found it!

Two months ago, West Elm came out with a catalog that included the picture below which was an ad for a coffee table, then a rug that was hung as wall art.  What caught my eye was neither the rug, nor the coffee table (sorry West Elm!).  What caught my eye was the fabulous brass figurine ON the coffee table.  The catalog had NO info.  I have looked HIGH and LOW for this thing. 

How fabulous is this??
And almost to tease me, the picture below was in the FLOR catalog....this time in red.  Again, NO info on the "figurine".  WHAT is this and WHERE can I get it?? 

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

Holy F|DLuxe Batman!  It is spotted in this month's issue.....see blow in delicious chrome...
Dallas F!Dluxe Page16

It is FOUND.  If you look on, you can order this lovely item as a colorful toy, or a museum looking showpiece for your home....and fairly priced at $37 for the version below, or $75 for the "museum" size.  LOVE THIS.  MIGHT. HAVE. ALREADY. ORDERED. IT.

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