Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY: Bamboo Console Table

Great "moving sale" ad on Craigslist that ran multiple pictures of vintage 60's furniture.  I don't need much else, and no one I knew needed anything in the pictures, but I still dropped by just to make sure.....found this vintage console and matching stools for pennies and decided I had to have it.  Here is said console behind my sofa:

check out the yellow and green tweed fabric and the yellow legs on these ;)

Two things needed here....paint and fabric.  The hard part is picking the colors.....need to dis-assemble stools and check that I can cover cushions myself:

Hubs had to help me find the right screw driver head to get the screws out that were holding the stool base and cushion together

mission accomplished....

think I can do this myself

multiple contenders, but settled on this Suzani from on to making the new cushions!

anyone else feel powerful using a heavy duty staple gun? ;)

Get 'er done

THE BEST spray paint ever.   It's behind the "cage" at Michaels, and worth the 15 minute wait until someone unlocks it.  Goes on smooth and shiny. 
My dog, Drake, thinks I'm nuts.  He kept groaning at the smell of the spray paint.  Was excited to see this in Glossy black, but then felt unsure.....

the finished table and stools....

After walking by this table for one day, I'm thinking maybe I should have painted it grey.  I might head back to the "paint cage" at Michael's and try their charcoal grey color.  The contrast with the glossy black is almost too drastic for me......but still love how different this piece looks!!

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