Sunday, May 27, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

This is the reason you have seen zilch from this blogger.  This book series has caused me to ignore my family, forget play dates, fall behind on email and phone calls (blogging too!), and stay up all hours of the night just to get through one more chapter.  In its honor and all the ladies who are reading the series, I have pictures of "Christian's Penthouse" in the Escala in Seattle.  If you've read, the previous sentence makes complete sense to you.  I pictured the penthouse a little different, but the modern amenities, and sleek lines seem fitting.  Enjoy.

Escala at night

Escala Foyer

Foyer of Penthouse with service elevator

Penthouse Breakfast table
Penthouse kitchen

Penthouse Wet Bar
Penthouse Great Room & Piano ;).  Check out the view of the Space Needle

Penthouse Master bath....the bathtub:)
Penthouse Master Suite with Balcony and view


  1. Reading as we speak!!! I imagined the kitchen more silver and sleek!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Very similar to what I imagined! I blogged about this 2 weeks ago when I was fully in the midst of FSOG mania and COULD NOT pull myself away from the book to take care of any business. Staying up until 4am, running to Target first thing in the AM to get the next book...I did it all. Can't wait for the movie to come out, will be interesting to see how they make it all work... :)


  3. wow!! I have been neglecting my life as well to finish this series! I finished the third book last night, at 11pm... now what I don't see pictured here is the playroom, i guess we will have to wait for the movie for that one... ;) I have NO idea how they will be able to pull off the movie...

  4. Thanks, nice selection! Like your smiley-face after the piano! Of course, I pictured his bedroom as more zen (same with l.r.) - only white, grey, no-frills, not big hanging thing behind bed.... what floor was the playroom on, I forget... 1st?