Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love Chairs

Hubs calls these "love chairs".  They are vintage, and they are petite.  As my previous photo tease showed, I found a pair of vintage Century love seats at a local consignment store.  Our formal living room is really a living "area" centered with a fireplace.  Because of the narrow walkway in between our staircase and the fireplace, we've needed a smaller scale solution as far as seating.  A sofa and two chairs have done the trick for a while, but their scale was entirely too big for the space.  I've been on the hunt for some time for a pair of love seats to fix the problem and make the space more useable.  Enter below love seats.

To the untrained eye, these were hideous....and there were TWO of them!

Nope, the angle doesn't change the look much!  But, they measured PERFECT for my space.  Oh, the potential.  

Furniture used to be much more well made.....was excited these were made by Century

Bought both for a total steal and had fabric already chosen....was been loving this grey velvety modern print from Fabric Factory.  

Voila!  completely re-stuffed, re-upholstered, skirted, and tufted on the back and arms.  

Was the most excited about the tufting.  It was a last minute decision to add it all around.  I think it looks more modern, but soft.  To offset the traditional feel, I put our chrome x-based side chairs on either side of the fireplace, and next to the love seats.

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  1. You have a good eye, Jackie! You share this gift with your great grandmother and your Aunt Cynthia.