Sunday, September 18, 2011

Campaign Fever

Nope, not the kind of campaign you might think. I'm talking about campaign furniture. I first caught the bug reading The Little Green Notebook blog. She did a fantastic post on finding campaign furniture on Craigslist and then DIY paint. I have to admit, I'm not the best at wanting to DIY paint ANYTHING. Nevertheless, I was determined to find my very own campaign dresser for our master bedroom. Low and behold, I found not only a dresser, but two side tables at Salvation Army. Admittedly they were not swank & vintage, but more of the bad replica 70's office variety (what the hubs called them). Nothing that a little high gloss paint couldn't fix.   Because I scored these at such a bargain, the budget allowed for me to have someone else paint....this time. David from Again&Again to the rescue. He even added bases to the side tables so they wouldn't sit so low. The side tables were painted white and temporarily used in our guest bedroom.  Eventually, Kristen from Gypsy Soul Interiors used them for a design project.  The dresser was something I wanted a bright Kelly Green, however, I had to come to grips that nothing in my home, especially my master bedroom, would compliment that color.  So I settled on a bright sea green.  Here are a few before and after pics.  What I really want now is for someone to purchase these and paint them something fabulous.  

The side tables.  David added a three inch base to raise.  This furniture can run petite or stocky. 
The dresser - narrow enough for our new master bedroom.  Bright and cheerful.

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