Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scallops & Scales

 Have a few design projects in progress and am wanting to incorporate what is becoming my new favorite pattern.  A little softer than the linear geometric patterns out there, I think these scallops are the perfect way to marry traditional and modern pieces.  I have a set of chairs that might be draped in the swatch below!  

 These three are from Spoonflower.  They have AMAZING custom printed fabric at the most reasonable prices!

Fish Scales and Mermaid Tails
A colorful peacock
blue scales white outline
a preppy navy scale
Pink Dragon Scales fabric by celestegs for sale on Spoonflower - custom fabric
oooo la la.....Purple

Mermaid scale fabric
Mermaid Scale Fabric at't these be great on a pair of funky brass chairs?

KARE - Scallop Pillow
A Swanky Metallic
Caitlin Wilson Textiles Peacock Scallops


Pinned Image
Designer Wall Coverings - Retro 70's Fan Wallpaper

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