Thursday, October 27, 2011


I wanted to share a few pictures of the master bathroom re-model we had done at our old home.  Let me set the scene.  The house we used to live in was a 1970's ranch style home.  You all know the type.  Great bones, rooms, size, and yard.  However, chances are if you get a steal of a deal on one, you need to do some work.  Well, need is a relative term.  Our master bath was fine.  Totally efficient and working.  But as you can see below, the decor left much to be desired.  There was an eclectic mix of 70's brass fixtures, cultured cream marble, some white subway and square tile with icky grout, a "re-done" floor with blue and brown slate tiles, Tuscan Love mirrors and vanity lights, and bronze accessories.  Yummy.  

So, yes, it all the sudden became a need that we update things a bit, and enlisted the expertise of Richland.   Richland specializes in the design and construction of homes around Dallas, but for a mere $100 they will come to your house, walk through your ideas, give you estimations on cost, square footage, and value added, give you advice on fixtures, appliances, colors, and the best part - will tell you what to look out for when you hire a contractor to do the work.  I may know about decor, but knew squat about the ins and outs (and possible issues) of gutting a bathroom.  Very Helpful.

I used Restoration Hardware as my inspiration for this re-model and all I knew is I wanted white subway tile, espresso cabinets, carerra marble countertops, and (ahhhhh) a jetted tub. Kind of miss this bathroom!!

THE BEFORE.............

here she is....drool
Oh, and I forgot to add the mirrored went up to the ceiling!  Good for checking yourself out in your undies, but little else ;)  notice the blue and brown slate.....i mean, it could be interesting in another space, but not this one. 

There's that backplash.  The tub actually was in good shape, but taking a bath was a frigid experience.  For some reason, the (still) water would get cold halfway through the bath. 

The brass framed shower.....and not the cool brass.  You can't tell from the picture, but the white tile in the shower was a mix of subway and square, and the grout was....eww.

AND AFTER..........

AHHHH.....Espresso brown vanity cabinets, chrome fixtures, & carerra marble counter top.
New jetted tub, and new white subway tile backsplash that went around the entire bathroom.  Another idea from Restoration Hardware, and one of my favorite things about the space.  Used the color Silver Sage from Restoration hardware.  Love this color!
My side of the bathroom
Loved the look of the subway tile backsplash behind the vanities

So, originally I had it in my head to have white hexagon tile all over the floor and white subway tile everywhere else.  Richland talked me out of it, and thank goodness!  Hexagon tile always seems like a great floor option until you consider all the grout that would need constant cleaning.  Instead, they suggested we go with this more contemporary rectangular ceramic which added a little mod to the look.  The coolest thing was when they cut the tile to frame the tub, there was a natural clay looking border.  It was unexpected and cool. 

Brass be shower with tile to ceiling and rain shower head. 

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