Thursday, November 3, 2011

Brass Monkey

In the next few months, I'll be re-doing a cool pair of brass chairs that I found off of craigslist.  Brass isn't an easy thing to bring back into a home when for so long, the mere mention of the word meant you were talking about something outdated.  I was timid at first to consider it for chandeliers, lamps, chairs, accessories, but now I love the way it so easily mixes with various colors, and adds a splash of glam when done right. 
Looks amazing with all the black.  The brass candleholders, and brass colored vase really pop.

pink…the lighter shades these tables.  They look gorgeous with the jewel-toned room!

gorgeous gold
Even the slightest detail of the brass feet on the loveseat, and the framing of the table make a sleek room even sleeker.

a pop of turquoise.
A little out of focus, but love that the side table is trimmed in brass.

bar cart-a-licious
can be masculine in a bar....

domestic bliss
Even with the most bare and neutral of just works

pretty and pink
Vintage brass mushroom lamp.....very cool

bathroom lust
Not for everyone, brass colored fixtures and pipes are making a splash again

bar cart sweetness
The brass bar cart.....very Mad Men and so sophistocated

wallpaper affections
I love these colors.....and that the slightest brass detail adds so much to the look!

what a gorgeous campaign dresser and brass ring mirror.  LOVING the brass and grey.

perfect lamps for this credenza

Jonathan Adler Meurice Collection 30-Light Brass Chandelier
Jonathan Adler

Pinned Image
I drool.....and LOVE this lamp.....would love two of them!  Maybe Santa will think I was nice this year

Pinned Image
brass knobs and handles and kickplates!  soo glam.  as if the fireplace isn't enough....the chandelier above it is dreamy. 

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