Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So, I DIY'd.  Yes, it is funky, and no, hubs hasn't seen it yet.  Tomorrow I'll make a mad dash to find a 24x36 frame to finish it out and will post the final product.  I would LOVE a mirrored frame....will have to go on the hunt.  Scroll down for pics of my "mermaid" while in the works!

It is finished, but needs a frame:)

The blog post from Babble said to cut shiny poster board into circles, then spray paint gold.  While at Michaels, I went exploring in the scrap booking aisle and found lots of lovely card stock in various colors and lusters.....including a shiny gold.  So, for $0.49 a card (which yielded about 2 rows of "scales"), I had immediate colors to work with.  Above was my original plan....tracing my Wrights Silver polish container as the perfect circle size. 

ahhhhh......the magic of an extra large punch.  About 2 pages into my circle tracing and cutting, I realized this was going to take a while.  Thanks to my very creative friends at Trio Design Studio, and a lovely glass of Cabernet, my brain became unfrozen and I heeded their advice to use a PUNCH.  Look at all the fun colors to play with! 
After playing around with all the fun colors, I decided on a lime green and gold combination.  Using Fabri-tac glue, I mounted the circles onto a 24x36 foam poster board making the "scales" then trimmed the edges.  The key to making it look even more "scaly" and textured is to lightly flip up the scales.

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